Behind the Scenes

   Last month, the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association (NSVFA) hosted their 87th Annual Fire School in which 1,055 volunteer firefighters and EMS providers from across the state gathered to participate in 33 training exercises and workshops. While the event itself ran smoothly, many may not be aware of the extensive behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing for such a large-scale event.

   Months of planning and coordination were required to ensure that everything was in place for the NSVFA Fire School. From securing the venue to arranging instructors and scheduling classes, a dedicated group of volunteers, led by Pat Gould, worked tirelessly to make sure that the event was a success.

   In the days leading up to the NSVFA Fire School, volunteers came together to set up the vendor hall, the classrooms, organize equipment, and prepare the venue for the influx of attendees. From laying out hoses and setting up props to arranging seating and coordinating food deliveries and vendors, every detail was meticulously planned to ensure a smooth and efficient event.

   On the final day of the NSVFA Fire School, just as much effort went into tearing down and cleaning up the vendor hall and classrooms. These volunteers worked tirelessly to pack up equipment, dismantle props, and place everything back into the storage unit. The teamwork and dedication of these individuals ensured that the venue was returned to its original state in a timely manner.

   In total, over 30 volunteers from the NSVFA and groups such as Nebraska Forest Service, NEMA, Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Training Division and community organizations, came together and contributed their time and efforts to set up and tear down the Fire School. It is estimated that it took well over 1,800 hours of combined work to prepare for and clean up after fire school, which helped make the NSVFA Fire School a success.

   As this year’s fire school came to a close, the hard work and dedication of everyone involved did not go unnoticed. The NSVFA expresses their gratitude for all those who helped behind the scenes, noting that without their support, the NSVFA Fire School would not have been possible.

   Here are some candid shots taken behind the scenes, showcasing some unexpected moments when not everything went according to plan. 

   As always, if you have an upcoming meeting or event, you would like me to attend, please let me know.

   Until next time, stay safe everyone.

Brenda Jenny,

NSVFA 2nd Vice President




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