IFA to host 2025 convention at Boone Expo

   Greetings. My mid-year meeting and banquet is over and I wish to thank everyone that attended and participated. Many items of importance were discussed and voted on, an idea of the IFA hosting convention at the Iowa Expo in Boone was put in motion and will occur in 2025, after much discussion our budget was passed and the Board was directed to find ways to cut costs which will change the way some programs are being done now and a dues increase was voted in to help with our budget deficit.

   I must express my gratitude for the help that was given to Jami and myself with the set up and operation of the raffle and auction. Colette and Lonnie Newhall, Andrea and Mike Kime, Jane Harpole and Kent Brix and Wendy and Bob Steffen. Their help and friendship will forever be remembered and appreciated by Jami and I. 

   We tried something different this year and sold tickets for a 50/50 drawing to raise money for the Memorial Expansion. Thank you to Phil Summers for donating his winnings of the drawing, $756 was raised.

   The Jack Runge Fire Department of the Year and Firefighter of the Year awards were announced and the winners are; Iowa Falls Fire Rescue and Ed Tibbott from Manchester Fire Rescue. Congratulations to both for well-deserved awards.

   Iowa Falls Fire Rescue has a great plan for Convention this year and if you haven’t signed up and registered yet, do so. They have some changes in the schedule that should make things flow smoother and it sounds like it will be a good time with great people.

   Yours in service,

Roger Carr,

IFA President







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