Iowa Firefighters Memorial Wall Expansion Fundraising

     At the recent Mid-Year Business Meeting of the Iowa Firefighters Association, it was announced to those in attendance that the Memorial Walls will be full in less than 10 years and we need to start fund raising for the wall expansions.  

     The wall expansion that was done in 2005 was filled up last year and we started adding names on the granite panels on the back side of the front walls.

     This will be an expensive project so we can use everyone’s help. If you have an idea for a fundraiser, please contact any Memorial Committee Member.

     A separate account has been established for this fund. At the Saturday evening Past Presidents Banquet during the Mid-Year weekend, we held an auction. A firefighter watch was donated by Riddles Jewelry Store of Mason City and sold for $1,500. An American Flag made of used fire hose was also auctioned off and sold for $500. We sold a firefighter watch last year at the Mid-Year meeting weekend and it sold for $1,100.

   These three items gave us a total of $3,100 to open the Expansion Fund. If you or your department would like to donate to this expansion project, please send your check to the Iowa Firefighters Memorial Committee at P.O Box 7, Traer, Iowa 50675. Be sure to mark your check “WallExpansion”, so it is put in the correct account.

          Memorial Committee

Robert Platz – Dyersville

Dave Abbas – Ackley

Kirk Rice – Iowa Falls

Tom Campbell – Panora

Leon Abels – Wellsburg

Don Scott – Redfield

John Dvorak – Atlantic

Dave Zimple – North Liberty

Jeff Gore – Eldora

Rusty Hockman – Jewell

Dick Frank – Forest City

Dave Stannard – Coralville

Jim Kenkel – Waukee

Brian Platz – North Liberty

Scott Hagenson – Lake Mills

Joe Specht – Sherrill

Ellen Hagen – Jewell

Jack Runge – Buckeye

Mark McNees – Atlantic

Bill Halleran – Sigourney

Marv Trimble – Garrison

Gene Evans – Osage

Nick Riley – Traer

Jason Barrick – Iowa Falls

Chuck Raska – Radcliffe

Roger Carr – Holland

Aaron Clemons – Eldora

Kent Brix – Grand Mound

Mike Kime - Waucoma

Mike Reuman - Traer





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