Registration open for South Dakota State Fire School

   Some months it seems I have a number of articles for the paper, and this is one of those months. Lots of items that will be considered at the June membership meeting. There will be voting for; by-law updates, financial reports, past meeting minutes, and election for president. Stay tuned for updates and explanations in this month’s paper and next months. 

   The recent legislative session with the passing of HB 1127, providing for $5 Million dollars for 70% volunteer fire departments to assist in purchasing protective gear was great. We all owe a thank you to the entire legislature and Governor for their support. Now the real work begins. The SD Firefighters Association Board needs to create the “criteria” for applying and approving applications. I’m sure everyone has some ideas on how to make this a fair program for all fire departments so, please share them with the Board. We have four years to expend the money, so there’s no critical need to rush something through. I have gotten a number of phone calls on it and the best I can say is stay tuned, keep watching your emails, social media, our webpage, and the newspaper for when applications will start to be accepted. 

   As I am writing this month’s article, it is mid-April, last week we had blizzards, interstate closed and all that. This week we have beautiful weather now flooding concerns in the northeast part of the State. Don’t we just love South Dakota weather. Keep in mind all those who have to personally deal with this our thoughts are with you. 

   By the time you read this, registration will be open for State Fire School. Once again, we have those time tested and loved classes returning and some new ones that hopefully will provoke some thought. It is always so gratifying when instructors tell us they love to instruct at our fire school. They tell us, that you as students are so great and willing, and that the entire school runs smoothly. Those compliments mean so very much to the Board and makes it all worth while for the time and energy. 

   Ok, once again I’ll make my pitch for someone who would be willing to take over the positions of Secretary or Treasurer. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact me and I’ll be happy to visit with you or them. 

   With that I better get this to Jeff at the newspaper before he starts emailing me and wondering where my stuff is. 

   Stay safe and hopefully see all of you in June in Watertown. 

Denny Gorton,

SDFA Past President


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