A length of service award was presented to Paul Rogers for 55 years of service to the Brandon Fire Department by IFA President Roger Carr and IFA 5th Vice President Lonnie Newhall. Paul also received a plaque from the Brandon Fire Department for his retirement.

Seeking 2025 convention host

   Greetings to All! I have had the honor of presenting multiple Length of Service Awards and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to do this. It is always great to see the brotherhood and feel the fellowship of these gatherings.

   The Board is working hard to come up with a plan to be able to continue the tradition of having a convention for 2025 and beyond. For some reason, departments are being reluctant to step up for this. We understand the amount of work and responsibility that the commitment requires but, the ability to showcase your department and city plus acquire some much-needed funds to me seems worth the effort. We are willing to work with any department to help with this process and accomplish the goal.

   Spring has shown up early and so far, the needed rains haven’t come with it. My department has several CRP burns to complete and with the dryness and winds some of our farmers are getting upset. That being said our required burns need to be done safe and responsible.

   On a sad note, my department laid to rest a 66-year veteran and we did our best to honor him with the respect his service to our citizens called for. Rest easy Chief, we have got it from here.

   Yours in Service.

Roger Carr,

IFA President





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