State Fire School coming up in Watertown, SD

   As I sit here in Rapid City, finishing this month’s article, late as usual, the weather these past three days has been perfect. Temps in the 80’s, not toooo much wind. It will be hard to watch these days go away. But we all know that we will just have to have some snow, cold and wind before these days are here to keep. That’s ok, it allows us to wear shorts and let our paper white legs get some sun. 

   This is an important newspaper this month. Of course, all the information on State Fire School and all the activities that go along with it. Also included are the various reports that will have to be reviewed and accepted by the general membership. The 2023 year-end reports for the State Fund, (these are the funds we receive directly from the State), the General Fund (these are the funds from your membership dues) and the Net Worth Report. These are all important as they show how your Firefighters Association is doing financially. As the current treasurer I assure you your association is financially sound. I have been on the Board for nearly 30 years. (I know that’s too long, I agree). However, there were years when I wasn’t sure we were going to have enough funds to host next year’s state fire school. Thankfully that is no longer the case. 

   However, before you feel we have too much money, there are many new and exciting things happening. The two mobile live burn trailers, the fall conference, district fire schools, the AD&D insurance and the A&H insurance. These are now being offered to you, where a few years we simply couldn’t afford them. The high caliber of instructors and classes does so much to increase everyone’s capabilities. It is so gratifying to know we can bring these instructors to you and not have to worry if we can actually pay them. 

   One final pitch before fire school, you can still get your 100% Membership dues paid if you haven’t yet. I mailed out several 2nd dues notice letters and a number of departments have now paid. Thank you so much for your support. It seems that when a department hasn’t paid, it is because the fire chief or treasurer changed, and it simply got missed. If you are not sure, just call me and I’ll check and let you know. 

   With that, I’ll close for this month. Remember to take the time to listen to new ideas they just may work, this time.

Dennis Gorton, 

SDFA Treasurer 






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