Time for Nebraska State Fire School

   It is time for the Nebraska State Fire School once again. Since I started as a director I have always enjoyed and looked forward Fire School week. There is a lot of work that goes on to make it happen, and there is a great group of people who come together to get it done. It is a whole different perspective being there to help get things going vs. being a student. I am also looking forward to catching up with everyone that I don’t get to see all of the time. I hope by the time that you are reading this we have got some good spring rainstorms that have come through and greened everything up for your area.

   OSHA. If you have not seen or heard yet, OSHA is looking to make rule changes to OSHA 1910.156. This rule change will have an effect on fire departments in the US. If you have not taken a look at these proposed changes, please, take the time and look. There is a public comment period open now that you can submit what your thoughts are, and how this could impact your department. There will also be a public hearing as well. Nebraska is not an OSHA plan state at this time, but, that does not mean that this will not have an affect here. This a big document, there is a condensed document that is about 40 pages that is some of big items of changes. 

   If you are going to submit a response on the rule, I encourage everyone to submit your thoughts on how it could impact your department, use some specifics. How would this impact your department, budget, manhours, etc. Every department is different, some of the things that they are recommending may be things you are already doing. These changes are being proposed to help keep us safe, keep an open mind about these changes. Some of these proposed rule changes are positive changes for your department. Other items proposed are going to take time and effort to see if they can be changed. Also look as to how this could impact your budget. Again, if this is not on your radar yet, please, take some time to put it there. 

   As an old saying goes: What are the two things firefighters hate; the way things are, and change. If and when these new rules go through, they are looking at implanting them within 2 years. So better to start thinking of this now. Stay safe everyone.

Shad Bryner,

NSVFA President


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