What Did You Learn?

   Graduations from kindergarten, middle school, high school, and college will be taking place across the state over the next few weeks. Congratulations to all of the graduates and families.

   Firefighter essentials and wildland trainings are finishing up. To all the new firefighters and their family, welcome to the fire service.

   You are now going from a controlled, semi-predictable, training environment to whatever situation man, God and mother nature can present you.

   As the old adage goes, Now the real learning begins. 

   The way local things are done. Why do we do the things the way we do on our department?

   Is it due to the equipment and trucks we have? The number of capable people we have?

   That’s the way we’ve always done it…

   If it works, why change? But we can all learn something.

   Whether you go on 10 calls or 1000, always ask, what did you learn from it?  

   What went right? What could we improve on?

   Is there a different way that might work better?

   I’m not saying we should change! Heaven forbid we change anything in the fire service!!

   Sometimes the best education is from discussions done around the table.

   Is extinguishing the fire always the best decision? 

   A review of the basics or situations you don’t deal with very often.

   Severe weather season is upon us. Have you discussed what your family should if a storm hits your community or home?

   Has your department talked with surrounding departments about what to do if a tornado hits a community? How will you mark a home or building after you search it after the storm?

   The wind storms from the past couple of years were examples of how one event can task everyone. Those that you rely on for assistance, may be busy. 

   If you think you don’t use or need the incident command system, you do and you will. 

   A little discussion before it happens may be the best preparation for a test.

   Check the SDFA website for Fire School registration and your SDFA membership discount.

   Be Safe,

Charlie Kludt

SDFA President







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